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Diogo Matos

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The best chinese online store.

I never had any problems whatsoever with Gearbest. Unlike many other Chinese stores, Gearbest was always available to solve any problem and answer any questions I had. When I regret of a purchase, Gearbest is always very understanding and gives me the chance to choose various options to "compensate" the money I spent and also to do a complete refund of the money. Every time I asked for a refund Gearbest just did it without any problems and very quickly.
Gearbest is also awesome when it comes to shipping, most of the times, the shipping is free and is priority shipping. Also, Gearbest automatically filters the products that are Global Version and that have the better shipping method to me, depending on where I am.
The process of payment is also very safe and I never had a problem, wether it was by PayPal or by credit/debit card direct, I really trust Gearbest, I never had a problem, everything I ordered came to me and Gearbest always warned me if the order would take more time than normal to arrive, because of holidays and etc.
But the best of all of this in Gearbest, is that it always has the best prices in the market. When I want something that is available on Gearbest, I already know that they have the best price, even when the product is not on sale or with a special promotion. Recently I ordered a Pocophone F1 6gb ram and 128gb rom for only 281€ with the shipping insurance included! That is cheaper than the 300$ asked for the 64gb version on the US.
I also like the daily reward thing from Gearbest, if you click a little button every day on the Gearbest app you win point that could be used on an order to decrease its final value. You also receive points for every order you do and that is awesome.
To conclude, I really trust Gearbest more than any chinese website I know and I never had any problems with them.
Montag, April 15, 2019

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