Ruby Arora

Ruby Arora

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Spicejet flight was as good

I want to say about the airline based on my experience the inside of Spicejet flight was as good as an international airliner keeps the ambience filled with positive vibes and complementing with the friendly support from the staff. I like the theme and color combination in the flight which is absolutely good. They are always consistent on all parameters viz. arrival departure, meals, etc are always been the best in class. These are the reason for which it has been the favorite airline for me and my family.
Freitag, August 16, 2019

Was excited for the wristband

Was excited for the wristband that I ordered from Spicestyle. It arrived at my home at the promised time and I have my happiness higher. I was looking for Bluetooth version V4.0 enabled wristband with distance, calorie, sleep monitoring functions that are present in it. I preferably like its waterproof capability, supporting IP67standard. One of the cool features is the anti-theft facility. I would recommend it anyone looking for a good quality reasonable priced wristband.
Montag, Februar 4, 2019

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