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I have actually nothing to compare but i my opinion this is a reliable service. They care about quality of their services, and they have definitely showed that to me.
iLoveKickboxing has been fantastic! The staff is awesome and motivating! This is a great workout for anyone whether you are just starting out or not. Can't recommend it enough!
I love iLoveKickboxing! The staff is so awesome and motivating that I enjoy coming! It’s so much fun! The workout makes me feel so much healthier and stronger!
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I am very happy with this purchase and I definitely think that it was money well spent. The silk base is a god send for me.. I do not think anyone in their right mind would question whether or not I am wearing a hair piece (even if they were right up on me). The hair is absolutely amazing, very silky and smooth. The piece itself is comfortable to wear, I like the fact that it has clips all around the piece( it feels like I’m more supported). This is the third topper I’ve ordered from uni wigs within a year and it is BY FAR my favorite one. I will only be ordering silk base toppers from here on out. Thank so much uni wigs for making affordable and gorgeous toppers like this one! I feel so pretty wearing it.
I started my kickboxing classes with iLoveKickboxing-Cambridge about 7 months ago and I love this experience! All the instructors there are so professional, helpful and fun! The 1 hour workout routine works perfect for me. I always feel pleasantly exhausted after classes. I have tried other kickboxing places before, but their classes were either too exhausting or not focusing on kickboxing enough (I actually want to learn about kickboxing techniques). I love their punching bags which are the kind on the ground. They are way better than other punching bags hanging from the ceiling! I am so happy that I signed up for classes with iLoveKickboxing-Cambridge!
There are not enough good things I can say about ILoveKickboxing-Somerset. The instructors make the entire experience-- they are kind, caring, dedicated, and supportive. They know everyone by name and ask you questions about your life. They genuinely care about you and will check in if you haven't been in a while. When my husband passed his trauma surgery critical care boards they sent a beautiful, handwritten card in the mail signed by all the staff. The classes are fun and kickass. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to get in shape and have fun at the same time!

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