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Such a great deal & experience between mayloz..
Habe 1 ärmellose Jacke bestellt. Qualität miserabelst, schlechte Verarbeitung ohne Passform, bei Konfektionsgrösse 38 passt die bestellte Grösse L nicht, Produkt viel zu teuer! Einfach Betrug! Bei der Firma bestelle ich nie wieder. Hätte mir die ganzen schlechten Bewertungen vorher zu Gemüte führen sollen.
You know, I always do the college assignments by myself. Except the one situation when I didn't have enough time for all my assignmets so I needed an urgent help. Then my friend recommended this company. I was afraid to order, but I didn't have a choice.
To say I was impressed is an understatement. I got a great work given that I didn't pay a lot. It's that students can get such a quality help any time!
I really like their approach to the customer. I got answers to all my questions.
Kate from the support was very patient! And of course I'm happy that I have B+ for the assignment which they did for m.
I have had a horrible experience with this company. Ten minutesafter I placed my order I cancelled it. The next day they sent back an email begging me to not cancel. I told them under no uncertain terms do I want the wig. Please refund my money back to Paypal. They have completely ignored me and say that they are sending it. This company is pathetic! Don't waste your money.
I almost ended up being depressed because of the huge workload at school. But darwinessay were really helpful at that time. They wrote 2 essays for m in a short time. Later I got B and B+ for them.
I've used them for most of my festival outfits since I started raving at EDC in 2015. I've always had great experiences with them. On this last order I ended up getting like 6 free items! I emailed to let them know that they sent me the wrong order and they were like NOPE that's just free stuff we wanted to pass on! HECK YEAH!
I purchased two all over print shirts that were custom made on June 10th The shirts had a 10 day "crafting" period but I got them in about a week Overall I am really happy with my purchase but I wish they would stock these shirts for faster shipment but I am fine with it because they advertised the wait time and I was prepared for it The hoodie tshirt I got really stands out as being unique, it's got a great fit and I am in love with the fabric. Nothing but love to the RaveReady team thanks
Love love love love, I love RaveReady! I've been shopping with them for like two years, the prices are sometimes a little high but they are still the cheapest and they are most definitely worth it, and if you look there really are some great deals. The quality of clothing is amazing very durable. Shipping was fast no problems for me ever always got in on time. Love you RaveREady!
I really enjoyed their service.
HAHA! I ended up buying my girlfriend from Camel 311 boots from RaveReady for her birthday. They ended up being 40% off which is a really good deal if you know anything about these boots. She has been begging for these boots for years so they were the perfect birthday present and she is super hyped about them. I know she'll be wearing them this weekend. The boots were in their large box and wrapped in brown paper so pacakging was good. I didn't get an included invoice but I can download it from the website if I needed it for some reason but I doubt I ever will. Overall it was a great purchase and I'd happily purchase here again and tell my friends.
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Placed an order six weeks ago haven't received my order yet although site says it has shipped and in transit over three weeks ago,if I would have read the reviews before I placed an order I probably wouldn't have ordered from them,they have my money and I have nothing...not one email or phone call,if you are planning on placing an order with them please reconsider
Ürün kısa sürede elime ulaştı. Paketleme, kalite ve kargo çok güzeldi. Uzun süre boyunca bozulmadan kullanacağım bir ürün. Gearbest müşteri ilgisi harika. Ben çok memnunum. Teşekkür ederim GEARBEST!
W1711240522279269 2017-11-24 14:22:26

The product soon reached the elite. Packaging, quality and cargo were very nice. It's a product I will use for a long time without distortion. The interest of the customer is great. I am very pleased. Thank you GEARBEST!
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