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Habe die ware viel zu Spät erhalten, dafür würde das Geld sofort abgebucht.
Eine schrecklich billige Verarbeitung von billigen Materialien.

Lieferung ohne rückschein .
Keine Adresse oder Telefonnummer.

Leute Hände weg von der betrugsmasche.
Achtung Nepp hoch drei
Statt eines schönen Baumwollpullovers wie abgebildet bekam ich ein hauchdünnes Fähnchen aus Synthetik-Material. Stolzer Preis: 47,39 € inklusive Versandt. Vorsicht vor dieser Firma, es lauert absoluter Nepp!
Such a great deal & experience between mayloz..
Habe 1 ärmellose Jacke bestellt. Qualität miserabelst, schlechte Verarbeitung ohne Passform, bei Konfektionsgrösse 38 passt die bestellte Grösse L nicht, Produkt viel zu teuer! Einfach Betrug! Bei der Firma bestelle ich nie wieder. Hätte mir die ganzen schlechten Bewertungen vorher zu Gemüte führen sollen.
I boarded Spicejet flight from Chennai airport to Kolkata on 15th Feb to attend my best friend’s wedding. I was too stressed over the timings as I took the trip on wedding day itself. Yet, fortunately everything went so well and I reached there before the ceremony rituals. My friend was very surprised to see me there. I am very satisfied with the services of Spicejet.
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It was a really great experience and friendly and warm staff. Highly recommended.
I've bought lots of bits and bobs from Gearbest over the last few years, the most expensive being a robotic vacuum, I've never had any problems. The shipping takes a while but I that is stated before you order. All the other Chinese suppliers are the same. Sometimes it's like Christmas when a package arrives, as I have forgotten what I ordered.
The one time I did press the wrong button on an order, the CS were very quick to resolve it for me.
Order no. 20012100955417174325
Country Lord
I wish I had read the online reviews for this company before ordering. Their website gives the impression that they are a Canadian company, which they are not. They are based out of Miami. The website indicates that they ship orders within 24 to 48 hours, and delivery takes 5-7 days. 5 days after we placed our order, we received an email indicating our order had been shipped, but it did not include a tracking number. Two weeks later, when I hadn't received the package, I contacted the company to ask for an update or a refund. They basically just told me to keep waiting. I did ask for, and received, a tracking number for the package. The tracking information showed that the package was sent from Miami, not Canada. And that the package was not physically handed over to the USPS until 13 days after the order was placed. The company has refused to do anything for at least another 2 weeks, meaning 5 weeks after the order was placed. Incredibly disappointed. Would never order through them again.
Muito boa loja, compro desde 2017 e nunca tive problemas, recomendo sempre!

Order: 19032700922323270114
Date: 28/03/2019
Nick: kreed
Yesterday was such an amazing experience with SpiceJet as I was travelling with my nephew from Delhi to Dubai. I was a little nervous as it was my first abroad trip and my nephew also suffered a ear pain. But due to instant assistance of crew member, we got some help. The staff was really helpful.
I ordered many times (>20 times) from Gearbest in the past few years, including 5 smartphones. I am very satisfied from their services! Their products have usually the lower price on the market, especially in flash sales, and the quality is also nice. Shipping methods are quite fast when travel to Greece. Also, in case a problem with an order came up, support centre is quite helpful and has fast-response...
Best store, I order from
Gearbest since 2017, never had any big problems.
This time I had a Item with a little problem but it’s not their fault. So they quickly solved the issue always looking to please the cliente, in this case me.
Thanks Gearbest for being honest and comprehensive.
When I need the best I’ll look on Gearbest.

Order : 20010800917412155545
Date: 08/02/2020
Nick: joaojtf

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