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Alles bestens. pünktlich geliefert. Ware in Ordnung
Habe die ware viel zu Spät erhalten, dafür würde das Geld sofort abgebucht.
Eine schrecklich billige Verarbeitung von billigen Materialien.

Lieferung ohne rückschein .
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Leute Hände weg von der betrugsmasche.
Achtung Nepp hoch drei
Statt eines schönen Baumwollpullovers wie abgebildet bekam ich ein hauchdünnes Fähnchen aus Synthetik-Material. Stolzer Preis: 47,39 € inklusive Versandt. Vorsicht vor dieser Firma, es lauert absoluter Nepp!
Such a great deal & experience between mayloz..
Habe 1 ärmellose Jacke bestellt. Qualität miserabelst, schlechte Verarbeitung ohne Passform, bei Konfektionsgrösse 38 passt die bestellte Grösse L nicht, Produkt viel zu teuer! Einfach Betrug! Bei der Firma bestelle ich nie wieder. Hätte mir die ganzen schlechten Bewertungen vorher zu Gemüte führen sollen.
All my experiences buying from Gearbest were positives. Even the problematic ones, they were so fast and attentive to provide a solution, that I couldn't complain about them!
Spicejet in-flight facilities are good, appetising refreshments offered onboard and flights take-off on-time. These are some parameters that make Spicejet my preferred airline for flying. Support from the crew is marvellous and they are kind to assist passenger for their calls. I recommend it to everyone in my knowledge.
When you visit, you will find this is the right place to source boho dresses at affordable prices. Boho dresses are highly desired by girls and it is necessary to source them from authentic destinations so that the dresses you buy are genuine and of good quality.
I have been shopping on the site for some years, I have always been well attended, the purchased products have met my expectations.
Greetings form germany everyone :)

Nickname:Sajador Skolotaié
Order Number:19091500998619065170

From ordering to the day it arrived:21.09<--->27.09. Extremely Quick! :D

To keep my Review short i will review the last recieved article from Gearbest.

The Cheap Bluetooth Headset

I was very pleased with it's quality.
It was very light but worked like a Charm.
Sound was a bit thin,but loud enough and with a good eq setting also good bass for the price.

Sadly the battery runtime is horrible,only about 90 minutes for me.

But that's the product not Gearbest itself right ;)

I buy since a while at Gearbest and don't want to miss it!

Never had problems so far,sometimes Shipping delays and such,but all time it got solved by the Gearbest team.

Great Website,many amazing opportunities to buy cool gadgest at low prices and with a good Quality.

Thanks Gearbest.
Acquisto regolarmente su questi sito i gadget elettronici e i cellulari per me e per i miei familiari. Ottimo servizio clienti, tutte le volte che c'è stato bisogno mi sono venuti incontro. Lo consigliato ai miei amici e lo continuo a consigliare a tutti.
I have been purchasing from GearBest for several years now and have always found them to be a honest and very helpful location. Great variety and prices combined with good delivery and great customer support.
I am Brazilian.
Gearbest is a store I trust, have been buying from them for a long time, selling quality products with the ease of installment and great after-sales service and support.
I fly back to home and work city often via my number one airline Spicejet-due to the reliability of flight and pleasing experience. I mainly like the pre-book options existing such as SpiceMax and hot meals-make my travel far more relaxed. I have also travelled in its Spicebiz class it is a great offering at a good price. I recommend the airline for an overall good flying experience.
Gearbest has great products at very affordable prices. Plus, you can keep an eye on coupons to make the prices even smaller. If you use their app, a daily sign in will reward you with points that can be exchanged for discounts on your checkout.
Their after sales support is quick and efficient, I was always able to solve any problem quickly and fairly.
The delivery time is fairly quick, depending on what country you live in and you can add insurance and chose priority lines to make your orders arrive quickly.
You can use paypal!

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